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Welcome to the Inspired Lab

Uncovering the secrets of Natural Materials 

Inspired Lab focuses on understanding natural materials' structures, properties, and designs, using a multidisciplinary approach. Structural biological materials have composite microstructures, with hierarchically organized constituents, which affect their overall mechanical behavior. The interplay between structure, form, and mechanics of biological materials is observed throughout the spectrum and thus understanding fundamental relations is very challenging because of its highly multidisciplinary nature. We are in the process of building a creative, collaborative, and open-minded Research Lab.

Leaf Pattern Design


Primary Areas of Interest

Explore and Examine Natural materials 

Our primary driving force of research is to explore and examine natural materials from an engineering perspective to unravel some of Nature's secrets. So far we have worked with wasps, beetles, dragonfly nymphs, dinosaur teeth, and even cactus hairs. We will continue doing so to nourish our curiosity about the things around us.

Image by Jakayla Toney

Development and Fabrication of bioinspired materials/designs.

We are focused on taking some ideas into execution. 

-Surface texturing of mechanically interacting components to tune friction

-Fabricating multilayered-graded composites for unique applications

Fish Scale Texture

Development of Sustainable materials

Sustainable materials for a better future, such as biodegradable packaging. 

Wild Mushrooms

Contact Us

MSB 221A, Applied Mechanics, IITM, Chennai, India 


+91 44 22574088

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